A lot of people think that the User is the weakest link for Information Security ! Although one cannot agree 100% with such a point a view, it is a fact that spending €uros or pounds or dollars in training is nothing but a good return on investment. For MYO Consult, training is focused towards the two following main classes of people : - Users - Managers Putting Users first on the list is not accidental : they are the people that access, modify, exchange, even delete, your business data on a daily basis. User training objective is to give them an Information Protection culture, that they will have as an afterthought in their daily professional life, but also for personal activities With this training, users will acquire an awareness about risks they will meet day after day, and so will decide consciously what to do, either as a reflex or intelligently under less frequent circum- stances. Training for Managers are mainly aimed at Executives, Business Managers, IT Managers (both applica- tions developers and data processing actors) because they are the people that are either the business data owners, and as such granters of access rights, or business data custodians.   Users training is a one day session. Other durations can be looked at for internal trainings, including training that can be regularly organized for induction sessions. Managers training is a one or two days session, depending on the objectives. Consulting and Training in Information Security Training